Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a week!

Ambitions surely have been faced. My oldest daughter has had two birthday parties, one for her school class and one for family. In my head this events gets the time that the guests are here. That’s soo not the reality, they take loads of time.
I don’t like to be the only responsible one – but I am.
I don’t like to set aside my studies – but I have to.
I don’t like prioritizing – but I get to.
Obviously this is the blessing of the week.
I get to look at my priorities, and act on them.
I get to let go of the idea of “doing everything”.
I get to be the responsible person that I sometime can be. I grow with this.
My daughter loved her birthday. It’s all good!

Today is yogaday, I am following up on last weeks viniyoga treat, and reintroducing ashtanga yoga’s sun salutation A. I think a lot of the movement’s that shows up in my programs right now is about energizing the body. I still talk a lot about “attach not, resist not and judge not”. But today the focus landed on “resist not” in form of; not fighting anyone or anything. An example from my own life is; when my older daughter criticise all the words of her kid sister – I do not fight it, I do not criticise her for doing that. Slowly the recognition grows in me, that I love to be (and I am) the person that don’t criticise. That’s what makes me happy. And after some time I can tell this to my kid, instead of telling her that what she do is wrong. Well that’s one way that yoga comes into my life, and I’m soo grateful.
Namasté Jenni

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What’s going on,,

Here and now, today, the ideas of “resist not-“, “attach not-“ and “judge not-“ is summing around in my mind, which doesn’t really help :)
My heart tells me, that even if they seem like wonderful, unobtainable principles, they are not the goal! They just sweep the arena for something else. BEEING! Maybe meditation?

It’s been a hard working fall (look at me producing a story,,) My academic finals went great, my working skills were confirmed as valuable, but as a spiritual person or as a mum, I sucked.
I was there, but that was kind of it. So now I quit one of my works, and off course it’s not the yoga. Yoga has become a work in which I evolve not only my bodymind and spirit, but (I never saw this coming) my intellect as well. So that’s a beauty!
Today’s lesson is collecting up what we’ve started last couple of weeks and introducing a new viniyoga move. I also have started to plan the summeryoga course, at the blog:
Namasté love Jenni