Saturday, December 01, 2012

clear head and pure heart

Sutra 4.31 Iyengar translation: "Then, when the veils of impurities are removed, the highest, subjective, pure, infinite knowledge is attained, and the knowledgeable, the finite, appears as trivial." Iyengar tells me how this sutra is about the unification of the inner seer and our consciousness. This unification is what we are moving towards: "[Her] head becomes clear and [her] heart clean and pure as crystal" I hear Solomon Burk singing "always keep a diamond in your mind". Grateful. So these glimpses of absolute purity, absolutely clean in mind and focused like a ray - I am promised I can live more continuously with. In asana posture practice, this is like a lighthouse or a compass, to aim at, whatever takes me closer to this experience of purity; is the right thing to do. In teaching, I get to pass on my experience with what moves us towards this goal. I know something deep inside of me have collected every word I ever heard about how yoga can cleanse or purify us. Something deep inside me have had a berry-basket and in this basket there are asanas, techniques, experiences and words that have been clues or guidelines on this path towards this goal In life, I was given to share that we don't have to change anything before we are absolutely clear and sure (=clean and pure) we are doing the right thing, we will not stress important life choices. We will rest in knowing that we will act, and when we act, we do so because it is clear and pure in head and heart. Namasté Jenni Saunte