Saturday, May 31, 2008

The yogasutras

With inspiration from T.K.V. Desikachar and Bouanchaud I’ve decided (for today-I’m so limited) that my yoga classes will be an exploration of the sutras, one at a time. My spiritual path is the most practical and most grounded experience I’ve ever had. I always thought that it would be the big “out of body” or “burning bush” experience, I’ve had some of these as well, but what I love is what shows up and is in my every day.
So that’s why I take a sutra and unfold it into my yoga class asanas, letting go of the idea, that I have to go to India and become mahatmajenni before I can start to even touch these, for me spiritual principles, sutras.
The first sutra has two consequences for my class, partly I want to get in touch with “why am I here” my prayer for this class (I am living prayer) landing in the here and now, which is my second consequence for the class, I have to stay on my mat, minding my practice and I have to be in constant connection with now. It is, for me, practicing the principle of “shtira” being aware, alert and steady. I love that both Desikachar and Bouchaud gives me that I start in God. I’m not the source of the experience my students have of yoga, I’m just a tool, that’s sane perspective to me.
My own meditation is not controlled by me, I let go and to my surprise, my meditation this week have mainly been on limitedness of human form, which is somehow soothing and amending to myself.
Serenity and love jenni


Cyrus Rumi said...

'Deep meditation is a means of knowing and connecting with things that are hidden from our standard senses. Once you connect, a new world unfolds before us.'
(Cyrus Rumi, 2/6/08)

Namaste and peace to you all.
ps. Keep on sharing your wisdom with us all.

Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

Thank you for commenting, it's still nice! I love your pronouns the "I" surely is not a part of meditation... letting go into the "us"!

Jenni said...

This is where I started my journey with the sutras, Iyengars book, came to me a bit later, and the concept of how to work the sutras into my daily practice in teaching and in life, raised out of a trial and error process. When I started I just read and shared, to see how this format should unfold - I look forward to returning to these sutras of the first pada.