Monday, November 17, 2008

Tempo and temperament

This week the students and I have been exploring what is our temperament and tempo, how we are different from each other and differing in ourselves from now to now; from gentle, nursing and slow, to lively, rapid and aggressive. The asanas evoke different experiences in us, some provoke and challenges us others are the playground that seems like an extension of our own nature.
Provocative or loved the asana contributes. That’s my experience. I get to know myself, what I love and what is easy for me – gives me the opportunity to move in and experience safety and comfort, the provocative and challenging moves me to new ground contributes and enriches me. And asanas is not so different from any given situation… they can contribute to me, if I’m open to recognize.
All this based in sutra 22 who states that there is a difference in faith in individuals and a difference in the individuals over time, the result is based on the faith, and therefore the result is differing.
Bouanchaud uses some space here to introduce the ayurveda personas,, vata, pitta kapha…
I look forward to dig into these thoughts.
Jenni Saunte

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today Van Morrison is singing a Tom Jones song to me...

"Sometimes we know
Sometimes we don't
Sometimes we give
And sometimes we won't"

Easing my pain of not knowing, I usually avoid the situations where I don’t know squad. But now I’m in this situation- so this is my comfort,, it will change.
I’ve come to love being wrong, because I can trust my truth. What’s true will stick what’s wrong I need to let go to live in truth, the sooner the better! But it can be painful

He sings about eating humble pie... I recognize my truth when I hear it. I’ve surely been eating humble pie this weekend. I cannot do this on my own; I can’t use this to boost my ego… I’m only human. I’m contributing with my human experience –humbled - like this!

“Sometimes we live (Sometimes we live)
Sometimes we die (Sometimes we die)
Sometimes we cry (Sometimes we cry) “

Yes ego-death can be liberating, like getting wings a big breath. It can be painful and there can be contact only to resistance in me. Many forms of experience here. It’s good to have a song to lean into. To know that I’m not alone, I am a part of!!! I love that, I get to practice “WE” through a song. I’m grateful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainy day remembrance

I get heavy and something in me object, against the weather :-)
So here and now I’m letting go of the idea that it’s not ok to be heavy and tired.
We have been working with motivation, the reason for doing yoga today. Sutra 21 tells me that “The more intense faith and effort, the closer the goal.” This reminds me of a spiritual writer that says something like; “if you go to the ocean with a cup of water – all you get is a cup of water”, to me this means; there is as much to get as I am open to receive. Therefore we explored this, by acknowledging our motives and hearts longing for the class – and how these motives and longings get met. It makes sense to me. Every prayer I can come up, with has already been met – it is a great game, to find out what form it has been given in my life. If I want yoga to be a good stretch – it will be. If I want yoga to be my inspiration, the unfolding of meaning or life the love of life – well here we go… it is. It just is. It already is. SOO HAM I am it.
Namasté and grounded heaviness
Jenni Saunte

Sunday, November 02, 2008


To work with faith- is for me, to practice and explore trust. I work with moving in darkness, trusting my other senses, I work with the tempo of my breath- trusting it’s the right tempo for me, I work with headstands, since it’s my experience that many students find them challenging faith in them, demanding courage and trust. I work with partners, trusting another. I find that I get faith by trusting :-)
Sutra 20 tells me that “Through faith, which will give sufficient energy to achieve success against all odds, direction is maintained. The realization of the goal of yoga is a matter of time” – good news!
Love Jenni