Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meditation and bija mantras

Now I felt that my classes (or I) were ready to try something new. So I have decided to make a mini-meditation in every class for a while. I am on third week doing some asanas with the bija mantras, It started with the mantra lam, which I accidentally introduced at easter day, my insides were smiling when we sang “Lamlamlamlamlamlamlamlam” and many of us went home to eat,,, lamb (which in Danish is pronounced the same way).
Yesterday it was about the long lines, (moon rays in my head) so we did the moon salutation, the headstand and some lengthening side-stretches.
My own practice is also moved towards meditation, on a daily basis, and my head can really spin on that event. First it goes “Yes, discipline, control, find the right way” than it turns on itself and goes “Everything can be meditation, the meditative state is given and can’t be controlled, it is always my possibility, I’ve probably done a whole lot of meditation today without even thinking about it”. Than the spinning feeling starts.
So I stick to what I experienced before, “don’t think- just do”.
Easy does it.Namasté

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gunni Martin

It’s been an interesting weekend, and week! I’ve joined the fellowship of yoga teachers for a three hours workshop with Gunni Martin who is one of the yogis who introduced yoga to Denmark. Personally, the most interesting thing were her thoughts on meditation, she confirmed what I’ve heard so many times, that it’s a god thing to have a teacher, at least until you are lead by the “force”, “jesus-force/power”. Because, she tells, it’s the law of nature, that the human ego will interrupt the meditative state every second seconds, that's a lot!!! She told about different meditation styles she had been working with, I only recognized zen-meditation, never heard about urduf (or however that should be spelled) and only a childhood memory of something called ajab ajab, but not sure of how that should be spelled ouot either. I don’t succeed in finding anything on the web, so if someone have some information on this I would be grateful. I have lots to tell, but I have classes now, so I will have to come back. Peace and love