Thursday, July 26, 2012

keep supporting the observing process

Sutra 4.19 "Consciousness cannot illuminate itself as it is a knowable object." Iyengar translation. (All translations I use agree.) Iyengar explains the relationship between our inner seer and our consciousness as being similar to the sun and the moon. Our inner seer has light of it's own and when our consciousness is close to the inner seer it reflects this light more strong, like the moon reflects the light of the sun. I can relate to this when I think of how much my state of consciousness is a part of me sensing the world. Yoga gives me the possibility to observe in what state my consciousness is. Yoga have given me the experience to observe this state, and sometimes "observing" sets me free from the state. This is great. In personal practice this is brought to me when I suddenly have kept showing up on my mat in all kind of moods (states of consciousness) and I get to see that the state effect my practice and what I sense, is observable. It inspires me to keep showing up on the mat. In teaching it inspires to keep supporting the observing process in every student, in every asana. Namasté Jenni