Friday, September 14, 2007

yoganu yoga now

My yoga practice is a lot about one breath at a time. I also want to tell everyone about how everything already is perfect, all we have to do is to see that! So I guess I just really enjoy these words coming out of my mouth, or right now out from my fingers.

Everything is already perfect; I just have to see it.

I can improve my practice by looking at how perfect it is - the way it is today. It’s not supposed to be in any other way.

working woman

Man! A week just went by, and it felt like,, closing and opening my eyelids. Speaking of eyelids, I’m exhausted, tired and soon of to bed. I don’t want to, because it’s just not normal to be tired this early. So here I am, fighting it, with your help. Yep! You are responsible ;)
I’ve tried two new things this week (actually much more than two, but theese two were big) I’ve been representing my university at an educational market, fair kind of thing. To sell,,, well I can get better at that. The other thing was to be a part of introducing a semester and the courses, to all the students on that semester, even though not exactly everyone came. But it was like “crossing over” no matter how small, I suddenly stood there, by the microphone (not drawing pictures in my book at my bench). Jaja (as we say in Sweden) I did learn something, thanks to this job and my studies, about being in the now. And I’m grateful for that.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Relatively brain-dead

Yesterday I managed to think “I’m so grateful that I’ve been given such a strong creative power” and the next thought “I don’t have a clue about what I’m gonna teach this weekend…” I went to bed, sure that it would come to me this morning. But hey! Here I am,, still haven’t got a clue. So maybe I will open a book for some inspiration, and look at what we did last week, and build on that. Let’s see..

Cultural theory

My courses this semester have started in the best possible way. After weeks with rain and grey weather, we met at the “sea” in the middle of Copenhagen, to take a walk by the water and look at modernism and post modernism or what have happened the last 40 (150) years in this part of the city. The sun came and it turned into a rather long walk. We were supposed to take a bus home, but we couldn’t find it so I walked and I got to really stretch my legs, I could feel my legs the day after, as heavy grounded roots. That’s a good feeling and I got to hear about my coming teachers ongoing research projects, which was interesting. I love to have engaged teachers, it makes everything more exciting. It correlates to my reality that my reading and working matters. And as I concluded before, unity is a nice, contented feeling.

Monday, September 03, 2007

eternity in my movements

In my daily praxis I feel the circular movements clearly.
I’ve been telling my students to ”turn the movement into a meditation of ex the hip”. When I do that my self, what I actually do is to let go into a flow, that always contains a circular pattern. Even the straightest “back and forward” movement have a circular movement often in the joint, the bone makes a beautiful circular pattern, for me to enjoy when I seem to move “back and forward” on the outside.
How lucky am I!? to have a work where I actually get to say: “create a sun around your heart”. Hmm I might just as well say “enjoy the sun around your heart, I’ll try that out next time.