Saturday, May 30, 2009

1.50 trust and giving consequence

1.50 “As this newly acquired quality of the mind strengthens gradually, it dominates other mental tendencies which are based on misapprehensions.”
Just for my own reminder – the new quality was; spontaneous, direct and intensity beyond normal. And the misapprehensions were knowledge based on memory or inference… (There were more much earlier about misapprehensions in the sutras, but this was last weeks little link for me).
Last week the promise of direct spontaneous and intense knowledge became very clear to me – in class, I could see how very true this is when it comes to my knowledge of my body, yoga have really given me this. It comes true in relation to reality and in the greater power relation.
This sutra tells me that I can trust that this spontaneous contact with truth will strengthen. So trust is an exploration field, in my classes this week. And giving consequence to the knowledge of what is right for the individual yoga-practitioner, encouraging them to follow what is right for them to do – take the break when you need it, to get to know what your hearts wish is for you today… Why do you do yoga today? How are your wishes met in this yoga practice?
Love and happy holidays
Jenni Saunte

Friday, May 22, 2009

truth here and now 1.49

1.49: “His knowledge is no longer based on memory or interference. It is spontaneous, direct and at a level and intensity that is beyond the ordinary” That’s a motivation alright!!
This is a promise come true, in my knowledge of my body and my movement. I start every class with a “check in” to here and now in body-mind-and heart, when I connect to my body the words “don’t judge, don’t understand just feel the state of here and now in the body” and something happens. This connection to truth beyond words is given. Nice place. In the rest of my life this is a fickle place for me – I relate to it and have experienced it, I crave this very free and content place. The spontaneous response and the intense contact to truth (reality) is my spiritual centre it is always with me, so as yoga (hehe) it can be anything, I always can get there. Memory of how it use to be is an obstacle to freedom, but who did just say that the obstacle is the path… yeahyeahyeah
To work with experiencing the now, what’s my truth and let go of memory based judgement and evaluations in my teaching this week lets see…
Love and Namasté
Jenni Saunte

Friday, May 15, 2009

truth and connection, see and share

Another promise, “Then, what one sees and shares with others is free from error.”(1.48 Desikachar)
In the yoga state there is connection to a truth of recognition of true inner being and a diamond clear experience of outer reality, this connection has the nature of unification.
I can trust that, what I see and share is free from errors of separation and isolation (we are not one) and free from the identifications with “I am my thoughts and feelings”.
In yoga, I know this is the when my thought stops and my mind is blank, I am just a breath, the asana is not long or short, the breath is breathing me, the movement is leading (serving) me. There is no judgement, so there is no error to be seen or shared. There is no past or future to give a colour to the now and there is not another place or person to compare the “here” to :-) this is the promise of right here and now, the “atha” in the sutras. I am grateful to have a source, an experience base of this in my yoga practice. Last weeks sutra was about know me – and my inner being, my inner truth. Well working this sutra in the classes made it clear to me, that one way that promise looks in my life is that yoga gives me knowledge about me in the bodyconscious kind of way, in knowing my strength, me limberness (flexibility) and my relaxing skills. It teaches me about my character and how perseverance and surrender looks like “the jenni way”. I am grateful to get to know me – I like the company :-) Love and serenity
Jenni Saunte

Friday, May 08, 2009

la verità

Sutra 1.47 says “Then the individual begins to truly know himself” (after directing mind towards an object). Or as Bouanchaud translates it; “…inner being appears in all clarity and serenity.”
To me these are promesis. This is what I can attain, and to me it is the same as in sutra 1.43, a connection to the truth. La verita. (Yes, I’m going to Italy and something is awakening :-)

There is more to know about self than what the I evaluate, I mean, I think, I understand and I am more than the opinions and judgements I have. Yoga tells me there is a truth to be found. Inside me.
So this is something for my practice, to look at how yoga has given me a more true sense of me. How do I get to know myself by working the asanas, focusing, by breathing?
How do I experience truth within right here and now?
Right now, I’m too tired to find out what I will do in classes, I figure that out tomorrow…
Love and peace
Jenni Saunte

Friday, May 01, 2009

a deepening sensation 1.46

I read your post on sutra 1.45 Kate, and you inspired me to look ahead, and yeah, I see what you mean… Second chapter just around the corner… And these last sutras, seem to be “the promises” of yoga, for a perseverant practice. (if that’s something you can say?)
Desikachar: “1.46 All these processes of directing the mind involve an object of enquiry.”
I just take this sutra as an instruction: “Jenni, give your students an object”.
So Saturday is big breathing day ;-) Sunday is ease and peace, Monday is spine and center day.
For me – good objects of enquiry!
One of my favourite philosophers is called Kitaro Nishida he wrote a book called “An inquiry to the good” I just love that. Good object, good as object :-)
Desikachar also puts my practice in words, he says: “They also involve preparation, gradual progression and sustained interest” This is what I often say about the asanas, they are not only a pose, how you get there, the work there and how to come out of the poses…
This way of working the asana have given me a deepening sensation of my practice.
Peace and love
Snoring jenni saunte