Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sunlight and jumping kids

Yes, that’s my day. I woke up with an inner judgemental voice, but it faded when my kids jumped into my bed and we cuddled while the sun coloured the sky red.
Sometimes during the day this cousin of my judgemental voice came, I call her ambitiousa, she is the one that wants me to do everything ,,, NOW! Lucky me! I’ve got kids, so I really don’t have time to listen to theese voices, I’m so grateful. Now they are jumping at the spring board and sun fills up my whole kitchen and it’s just perfect for me to cook dinner:)

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Camilla said...

Hi friend! Just wanted to stop by and say YAY we survived the bachelor project! At this moment, I think Marie's and my project is good but tomorrow I will probably hate it :) How did yours turn out?

Also wanted to let you know that I have changed the URL for my blog to ;)