Saturday, May 24, 2008

Being part of

This weekend my classes will explore the spiritual discipline of being whole, complete, an entity. A wholeness of limbs and a wholeness of body, mind and spirit. And in this way being a part of (not part from,,) something greater than “I” for me a spiritual sense of “we”.
I work with this partly by integrating the “body ends” fingers, toes and top of the head. Being breath, spine and heart in every asana. But also by unfolding the individual tempo, to respect integrity. I find that when I respect my limitations, my tempo, it becomes easier to be part of … so many human interactions.


Cyrus Rumi said...
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Cyrus Rumi said...

'Those who know how to respect themselves, know how to show respect to others. Those who know how to love themselves, know how to share their love with others.'
(Cyrus Rumi, 26/5/08, 04:59hrs)

Peace and honour to you all.

5/26/2008 4:01 AM

Jenni said...

Yes!! thank you, and it goes both ways for me, sometimes i discover that i love myself by loving another,,, love, respect in any form, is the same