Saturday, January 24, 2009

and a litle more on 1.32...

Bouanchaud asks “How can I realize that I have searched long enough and that now is the time to choose a single aim toward mastery?”
Lately the answer, for me, has been; if I search and there is no answer inside me, and no recognition of truth, well something’s off. I let this search go, in faith that answer will come in time (maybe when the question is reformulated).
If I, however, feel that this or that is the truth or the right thing for me, I have a practice; to take a week, some time to see if it was a flick of mind or something consistent… I’ve found that everything that is meant to be will be. I can calmly take my time.
The choices that are really important seldom have a rush to them (I don’t have the right English words here). The “crisis!! make a decision fast!-choices”, rarely are important in a greater perspective.
love jenni


Anonymous said...

Jenni, thanks for your sweet light on this sutra :) I relate to your identification as a multitasker, and your experiments with singlemindedness. I sometimes think if I were a character on Heroes, my special power would be multitasking :) Thank goodness (or Patanjali?) for meditation and sutras which interupt my excitement (as the dalai lama calls it in "how to live a meaningful life")and returns me to... me.

Jenni said...

Yes! I relate! Thank you for making me laugh loudly in the morning stillness :-) this is nice! to do this exploration together!

Jenni said...

and I guess I've better see that show now that my trusted friend mentioned it :-)