Friday, June 05, 2009

transparent, water, air sutra 1.51

1.51 “The mind reaches a state when it has no impressions of any sort. It is open, clear and simply transparent.” Desikachar tells me, that this is the final state, We have arrived :-) and Bouanchaud states that: “This is the yoga state. One cannot will it, nor receive it verbally. The pure consciousness of the inner being alone shines there.”
For me, practical consequence is to work with the transparent, water, air – in movement. As my photographer friend said “nothing between the lens and the motif” (do you english-speaking people understand that?), as much reality as ever can be. Yoga class as one long meditation, returning – keep coming back – into here and now, again and again – ever most (imperative) important thing!!!!!
Pranayama, slow series and seeking to unfold the most honest version of me in every movement, every breath. How is this en expression of you? How are you most true to your tempo and state? Something like that. Last week I held a meditation workshop, for beginners, it was inspiring for me – and it goes as a good starting point for this week’s sutra. I’m always amazed that some teachers take on the therapeutic role, or the dream-translating part – that’s not me. If they have an experience during yoga and, or meditation – well congratulations, and if they didn’t – congratulations. Neutrality can be just as fine a gift as the big strong colours… Right now I believe that every person has the best position to know what and why they get what they get when they meditate or do yoga. When I start to babble like this it’s time to stop writing – this Friday I am done with my studies at the university, which is a change, good for me yoga keeps me close to constant change :-) love love and more love to you
Jenni Saunte

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