Friday, December 11, 2009

the most authentic way to be

“The existence of all objects of perception and their appearance is independent of the needs of the perceiver. They exist without individual reference, to cater to the different needs of different individuals” (Desikachar translation)
At first glance this just seems … well like “ok”. But the picture of a big table of food comes to me, and when I’m starving and hungry this table probably would have my full attention and seem wonderful and dream come true, when I’ve eaten I probably start pay attention to other objects, and be neutral to the table, and if I just been in a very poor country and came to an overload of food I might be repulsed by the table. But no matter what -the table with food just stands there, not good or bad or anything by it self. Maybe it’s like this with all situations, they just happen and are to be perceived and that is it.
My family situation is changing a lot in these days, maybe it’s not good or bad – it just is. Maybe the change cater something else, I cannot see what it is? Independent is an important word for me in this sutra, Iyengar uses emancipated, I’m grateful for both as reminders to me.
I also love Desikachar for spelling out that needs are ever changing and very individual and cannot be compared. I get that. My focus for classes, is to pay attention what the most authentic way to be in yoga to day – in the here and now :-)
Love Jenni


Kitty said...

brilliant! knocking out dualism left and right... i love it! thanks for that; if folks could just incorporate this sutra into their understanding of reality, there would be a lot more peace and a lot less suffering and fighting!

Jenni said...

thank you for company - I hope you have a wonderfull christmas and are enjoying time and life :-) and Yes! to less suffering and more peace!!