Friday, April 02, 2010

staying still- to get into the refined and subtle

Salutes from northern jutland :-) I love the sea, the big waves, the eastern bunnys, the pheasants and hundreds of wild geese and my tiny pice of amber, that I've found...

Sutra 2.36 tells me that:
"one who shows a high degree of right communication, will not fail in his action" (Desikachar translation) and Iyengar translates to:
"when the sadhaka (practitioner) is firmly established in the practice of truth, his words become so potent that whatever he says comes to realization."
The truth, or right communication is not true at the position of the mind nessecerily but honest whole-heartedly, with every cell of our being.
I know this feeling on a physical level, when "it's all comming together..." it just fits, and it has a physical resonance in me. Nice.

Desikachar writes that:-the ability to be honest, communicating with sensitivity, not hurting others, not telling lies and necessary reflection
requires refined state of being.
To me this refined state is a state of awareness, a place where my mind and ego doesn't make a lot of noice. subtle nuances can appear.
Actually I guess that inventory or self-examination both demands this subtleness but also kind of produces it.

Latley I've had kilometer long arms in my practice, and I've enjoyed it so much. When I stretch my arms out in front of my this awareness arises and I'm just there, just by inventorying my movement and surrendering into how breath and spine is totaly connected and infuate a movement in my chest and long, long arms :-)

So this week - staying still- to get into the refined subtle nuances and messages, to get honest and in peace.
Love Jenni

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