Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my evening review -new format :-)

Inspired by the sutras I will start a new evening review. I've added two areas of review and I speciefied three or four things, that acctually comes from my old formula.

How did the following yamas and niyamas unfold in my day (was I.../where there...?):

1. Consideration towards all living beings, especially those who are innocent, in difficulty, or worse off than we are.
2. Right communication through speech, writing, gesture and actions. (dishonest, fearfull, resentfull?)
3. Noncoventousness or the ability to resist a disire for that which does not belong to us.
4. Moderation in all our actions.
5. Absence of greed the ability to accept only what is appropriate."
6. Cleanliness, or the keeping of our bodies and our surroundings neat and clean.
7. Contentment or the ability to be happy with what we have and do not crave what we do not have.
8. The removal of impurities in our physical and mental systems through the maintenance of correct habits such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, work and relaxation. (do I owe an amend? need to share about something?)
9. Study and the necessity to review our progress.
10. Actions done more in the spirit of service than for personal gain.”
11. What did I put into the stream of life today?
12. How have I unfolded unity with my pastand how have I lived meditation and visions for today?

Anybody wanna try asking yourself this every evening befor going to bed?? I would love to have fellowship in trying this - let's say for three months :-)
Namasté and love
Jenni Saunte


Kannan said...

Good blog.

Andrew said...

Cool evening =) I want some too))

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Nice blog! thanks for visiting.

Jenni said...

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time - it is a blessing to walk with you - less lonely, and less felling of taalking to a wall :-) @ Andrew - let me know if you try some review yourself - I'd love to hear some more experience on this!