Monday, March 28, 2011

My new litle friend :-)

How amusing - I just loove this game :-)


Linda M said...

Sounds great you have foubnd your passion, but I do not get what it is. Is there a link or something?

Well anyway enjoy, but do not let the new friend make you stray away from your sutra studies ;)

Jenni said...

Dear Linda Thank you for commenting!! It's only temporary I've put this "welcome" on the sutra-blog... I was soo excited to figure out how easy it was to generate and use QR-codes :-) But I'm still on the polar-star sutra :-) Namsté

Jenni said...

sorry I forgot to share my new game with you. Here is an demostration of how QR-codes work:
It was the shortest dome I could find. It's just a code that you can get an app for your phone, so that when you take a picture of the code, you get transfered to a website or movie online (in my code you get transfered to :-)
love and light