Friday, February 10, 2012

heavy-light, active-passive, clear-unclear

Iyengar translation: 4.13 "The three phases of time [past, future and present] intermingle rhythmically and interweave with the qualities of nature [sattva, rajas and tamas]. They change the composition of nature's properties into gross and subtle."

At the first look at this sutra I'm both a "Yes" but also a "blank". In the last ten years I've got a new childhood, and as I recall; I also got a new childhood when I was 22. It's a bit long to write about, but my past can change, and this experience is what positions me into a "yes" -place. The past is interwoven into the now and rhythmically changing. But when I try to see what the consequence is, I get into to the "blank" spot. Here Iyengar helps, he writes: "The effects of our actions of yesterday are the cause of today's; and the experience of our actions today becomes the seed of our actions tomorrow."
This is what my yoga-master told me this summer and again some weeks ago.. to reach my goal I need to change course here and now, not in a great statement kind of way, but just a slight change, so that the cells and the neural pass-ways gets reprogrammed so something new can happen. So they start remembering and passing on success instead of old failure. This is also to long to write shortly about, but it makes sense to me -haha so you just have to fill out your blanks in a way that it all makes sense to you too.
The composition of nature, is often called the gunas, Desikachar translates the three gunas into; heaviness, activity and clarity. All apparent characteristics are different combination of these three basic qualities.
This is where I'm at this week with these qualities: 1. I'm heavy, tired and sleepy. 2. In every day I go from something close to extremes with dullness to hyperactive back to dullness again. 3. In the beginning of the week there was a lot of unclarity, but during the week I have through contact found stability again and now it all seems pretty clear again - So I'm happy.
My this is a meditation point for this weeks teaching, to check if we're heavy-light, active-passive, clear-unclear.
Yes this is good.

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