Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Mental activities are always known to the perceiver which is non-changing and the master of the mind" Desikachar translation 4.18. The mind cannot function without the power of the Perceiver. I guess this is good news. That the stable is driving, or empowering the unstable. "Purusa is ever illuminative and changeless. Being constant and the master of the mind, she always knows the moods and modes of consciousness." Iynegar translation of sutra 4.18 So, this is what I understand. I do not only get to perceive more clearly, but I also get to perceive what in me is perceiving and in what state this observing position is. In yoga I get this great promise, that I will get to know and experience this stable and constant master deep within. I'm showing up, doing my daily in this way this week. This is as good as it gets today. I relate to this from my practice, when it's stable I get to know the consistent force within. In asana, when I got in there and all parts get together. The I get to experience another sense of stillness and stability. In class we worked on openess, in shoulders, chest, groins and hips. In my personal practice I'm doing a lot of navasanas to work on my stability. I'm currently doing some sunsalutations to wake up (been tired a lot). Namasté Jenni Saunte

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