Saturday, April 07, 2007


I love that I have friends and know artists (here; van Morrison) that always seems to find, yet, another angel at words or thoughts, I'm blessed to be able to hear, it turns into a picture of how I can't trust what meaning I put into words,, and out of this grows a picture of how rich reality is, of possibilities, opportunities.
Maybe I recognize the songs words (below) as my spirits word to the self, to ease it's ending.
Not to end, but to support the ending that sometime appears.
I’m thankful for the reminding not to rush, to love what already is..the present
Sometime I think it's too much - even though I recognize the truth in my "god self "to be real, and my other self as a story, my world just starts to whirl.
So let me be the whirling dervish in the dance of my life.
I see this dance of lunacy (the one-legged, the headless and the backwards), all fools can join and grab hands and circle around and around each other in a stomping waltz ;)

Let go into the mystery
Let yourself go
There is no other place to be
Baby this I know
You've got to dance and sing
And be alive in the mystery
And be joyous and give thanks
And let yourself go

You've got to open up your arms
To the sun
You know you've got so many charms
It's just begun
Trust what I say and do
What you're told
And surely all your dirt will turn into gold

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