Thursday, April 12, 2007

Heaven and earth

My colleague gave me the idea to work with heaven and earth in my classes, to explore it in the asanas.
So I did. It’s not anything I was taught to do, so it really is an sensing, testing and feeling thing. But,, I found that the balance poses actually have both elements in them, so we worked with vrikshasana and natarajasana, it was beautiful to sink into the soil while my heart and head is lifting and surrounded by birds and sky ;) I also had a exiting experience to work with the sun salutations, but instead of doing the plank pose, we solidly lay down our whole body on the ground, in the earth and slowly bullied up into bhujangasana and than into the upward facing dog and back into normal sun salutation, that was so special to me. The grounding feeling was so deep, that the start and the end was like flying! It had a polarising effect. I love to exchange ideas for what to work with in my classes.

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