Friday, July 11, 2008

go do try see get

Direct experience is the most exciting way to receive insight for me.
I can hear you tell me that things are like this, I can “go figure it out” using my deductive or inductive skills, but nothing like direct experience!!! Even when it hurts… Unfortunately.
Yoga teaches me this, I cannot look at a picture of a pose and go; “I get that” or hear all of you talk about "how it felt" and get it.. NO I have to go, try, do, act, feel and experience and thereby get experienced.
Sutra 1.8 explicit this tacit knowledge of mine. It states that comprehension or understanding comes from, direct experience, logic or memory and reference from reliable authorities.
I guess this is what I’m doing right here and now. I am relying on the authoritative tradition of the sutras, and I use my logic sense to bring this knowledge into my teaching - to get (what I urge) the direct experience of how it works, in the teaching situation. It is my experience, that when it works in one area of my life it will spread to other areas.
So this weekend will be about the direct experience, maybe we should try some thinking experiments! In wich, we first think the movement through, then we do it, and then we re-experience it again?
Jenni Saunte


Cyrus Rumi said...

Hi Jenni :)

'There is knowledge and wisdom that can only be appreciated through embracing the divinity that lies deep within us.'
(Cyrus Rumi)

Namaste and honour to you.


Jenni said...

I guess I love and trust rationality (the game of the patterns of life) and the inner wisdom (I sometime think of as “intuition”) in my everyday. There are many ways and I’m grateful for that and for the reminder :) Namasté to you dear Cyrus