Friday, February 06, 2009

clear, bright and steady (1.34)

“The mind also attains serenity through prolonged exhalation and holding the breath.”
The first question I always ask me is: Is this my experience?
And here I have to go with Yes! If my mind is really messed up I add a sound to my exhalation(not positive phrases, never really been my thing). I recognize my truth in the words “An agitated mind disturbs breathing. Calming the breathing process, therefore, can quiet the mind.”
I have a grounding feeling in my exhalation, and grounding has a quality of peace to me.
I’ve heard, that serenity means having one thought at a time :-) which I can relate to… In Merriam Webster’s definition, serenity has qualities of clear, bright and steady. It sounds like a description of ujjayi breath, or the yoga breath (wonder what you call it in English…) to me, or a good headstand or when a pose transcends just doing it and… becomes. Clear, bright and steady.

Bouanchaud writes that traditionally the exhalation and suspending breath after exhalation symbolizes humility and sacrifice. Yes, I recognize this as well. It’s been a helpful (living prayer) to unclench my claws of attachments – to let go into the exhalation, and experiencing the rich filled emptiness afterwards – humbling in the best of ways. And “I” don’t have to do it – if “I” wait long enough it gets done through me :-)

So, for the classes I plan to focus on clear, bright and steady. Through focusing on breath, especially exhalation and suspending breath after exhalation. Beauty!
Jenni Saunte

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Anonymous said...

Love your description of letting go, that if you wait long enough it gets done *through* you. Beautiful. + its called yoga breath in English, too, I think... if you're referring to the "complete" breath, or the three-part yogic breath, the one called dirgha in Sanskrit, right? Names! Argh!

Anonymous said...

Clear and steady and bright... what a great way of putting it. Big hugs...I get so much from both you and Christine.

Jenni said...

@christine - yes thats the one! We also call it the complete - I just thought that was more local than yoga breth, never heard the sanscrit, so that's a gift - thank you. (I am writing that one down ;-)