Friday, February 13, 2009

sensory perception adventure, 1.35

“Objective sensory perception stabilizes and focuses our thought.”
My perception of my selves and others, is not objective, neither is it one thing. The more I discover that my perception is depending on my attitude or my experienced reality, the more I’m set free (=objective) from the idea that my perception is the one and only way to experience my selves and others. (loove the plural form of “selves” :-)
I don’t think my attitudes are obstacles in their nature, but thinking my attitudes (or my opinions for that sake) is me – well that often lead to trouble…
So, I know from experience that thinking that sensory perception is personal makes a lot of unmanageability, through this I can relate to this sutra.

Right now I’m working with theories that claim our bodies are like spaceships, gathering information about the surrounding space – it’s through our bodies we relate to each others and the world around us. We often forget how enjoyable and satisfying this experience can be. I love this picture. And the consequences it has.

When I get really tired in the dynamic asana work, I love the suggestion of; “maybe I’m not tired,(haha) maybe it’s a story :-) Or when the perception “I lack flexibility in a joint” offers it’s service, I can try another story; “how is this joint perfect right now…”

Bouanchaud talks about perspectives, I think this is what I get from having a long time daily practice, it gives a perspective - an entity, to the asana and thereby lets the asana be just a part of something bigger, get a proportion.

To my teaching this sutra encourage working on “judge not” and search for the reason (attitude, or perspective) to do yoga today – and bring that into every asana.
But since it’s valentines day, my Saturday will be about love, love, love - and I will give an extra class on partner-yoga-asanas and a chocolate meditation – that can be a sensory perception adventure !
Love and peace
Jenni Saunte


Anonymous said...

Love your suggestion of the alternate story of "how is this joint perfect for right now?" and the general notion of alternate stories - a great way of loosening shenpa!

Also fascinated by your suggestion that bodies are like spaceships - i love the notion of little ecologies - I'm listening right this instant (I know, multitasking, I'm also making bfast :) - to a Dharma talk for neuroscientists (!!!) on sensory mapping and meditation.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the analogy of bodily spaceships myself.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Very deep and interesting...thanks for sharing...



Jenni said...

Hi Christine, Kate and Cyrus
Thank you for reading, and connecting - giving me the gift af being "we" :-)
love jenni