Saturday, April 18, 2009

whatever floats your boat!

Maybe you too have some experience with this dimond place? (see last week)
I’ve been thinking about last weeks sutra, the diamond clear pure unifying perception, where all judgement and opinions lets go… and I wrote this comment to dharmayoga:
“I know this place - have you ever tried to say a word for soo long time, that it suddenly sounds all new and funny in the mouth, and suddenly have no meaning? or having an argument for such a long time (yeah every object can take me there) that suddenly there is no contact to what it was all about, its just words and circles… or doing a mechanical thing for such a long time, like walking uphill, you go through all the opinions and resentments the mind can dig up - on this action,, a lot… but suddenly there is peace, the legs are walking you,, and you forgot that it’s tough or hard on the muscles and the head is empty.. like a flawless diamond”
Well this weeks sutra (in the Desikachar translation) says “This process is possible with any type of object, at any level of perception, wether superficial and general, or profound and specific.” 1.44 and I went: “I just said soo to Kate!!!” I’m using that comment hahaha lazy me :-) in this weeks sutra.
But I’ve explored it, or it’s been explored through me in my classes, I found myself telling my students, it’s not about doing it the right way – it’s about wresteling with it, engaging in the process, do hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, follow a guru or … whatever floats your boat. Whatever takes you there!!!! It’s the unification and the pure perception that’s interesting not what takes us there…
And I’m consequently changing between the general and the specific and the profound and the superficial, in my objects of attention- often I find that I don’t really know what is what, and I get to be surprised! Oh I just love that!! Like when someone in a soap-episode says the right thing and everything in my heart and here and now is put in the right place – I didn’t see that comming...
Jenni Saunte


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband a while back. He has ZERO interest in yoga. His 'diamond place" is on his bike. He likes to get up and get on the bike and take off for a 40-60 km run. Just him and the sound of the tires against the pavement. For him, it's the place where he comes to his centred self. Of course, it doesn't help when I tell him that in the end, it's all yoga anyway!!!

Cue the eye rolling.

Jenni said...

haha but it is!! :-) all yoga. I'm silly, sometimes I feel soo gratefull, that my hobbie isn't riding a bike or running long distance, since it's soo hard :-) haha I do realize, that if it actually was my hobbie I would love it, but I still feel fortunate - good on me!