Friday, April 03, 2009

easter saluts!

Hi beautiful you!
This is short; I’m off to an eastern break at the big ocean! I choose to bring to sutras with me.

“However, this does not happen spontaneously [to get a mind like a flawless diamond]. It is gradual. Everything that has been heard, read or felt may interfere with our perception.” Sutra 1.42
“When the direction of the mind towards the object is sustained, the ideas and memories of the past gradually recede. The mind becomes crystal clear and is in union with the object. At this moment there is no feeling of oneself. This is pure perception.” Sutra 1.43

I relate. This is language I get.
I guess this is the guideline behind “leave the past outside the yogaroom” and sayings like: “there is no word –I cannot- in yoga” or how you guys put that in English, the essence for me, is to move towards this pure perception, to claim more reality, to get a clear bright vision, move with insights, and in contact to my inner truth and being. “I can’t” is a statement based on past experience, so in order to get change – change.
That’s it for now. I’m relatively brainfried. Today is all about playfulness.
Love jenni saunte


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Easter break... I'm so thinking I need to find another translation because Bouanchaud is just bizarre.

Jenni said...

Hi Kate!! Yes, I agree, sometimes it's just more accesible, for me to follow Desikachar, but I'm curiouse at the Satchidananda translation that Christine used. I love som of tha "work it" questions and take, that Bouanchaud presents to me :-) love jenni