Saturday, January 23, 2010

giving time to the gradual process

Sutra 2.27 “The attainment of clarity is a gradual process.” Desikachar translation, and he unfolds the understanding; the first step is to recognize that certain tendencies of the mind are responsible for producing painful effects. Well, I recognize this, when I’m in some sort of pain, a voice in me tells a very seducing story about “why I’m in pain” and there is always someone or something’s to blame, there is a reason outside of me :-) this sutra and Desikachars expansion on the subject, directs my attention towards my mind. Maybe the pain isn’t caused by the situation, but rather by my attitude towards it. When I start my computer at work, I need to have other things to do the first 5-10 minutes because it is… immensely slow and utterly lazy, and I go crazy if I position me as “the waiting jenni”. But if I go and get my hot water and put my things in their places, me and my computer are just “on time” to start practicing my daily morning routine. (I just love that the word “practice” is so connected to yoga, that I can see the yoga, in every practice I have in my every day.)

But that is not just my mind, that can also be called being effective, but what stops me from getting irritated is not, that I do something else; it is that I don’t have my mind set on a fixed time. I don’t expect the computer to be faster, I just comply with the circumstances – in my mind. And that is what dissolves the waiting time.

It’s a relief to read that it is a gradual process, it is my experience, for me it has not been one big bang, but several big bangs (sorry science peeps). And I really do experience clarity to arrive more and more, for every year, every day.

Focus on clarity and keep on keeping on, giving time to the gradual process.

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