Saturday, January 16, 2010

to seek the serene seer in me

Sutra 2.26 tells us how we attain freedom from the fluctuating and perishable (not sure this is the right word – but the ever dying and ending opponent to eternity).
“Essentially the means must be directed towards developing clarity so that the distinction between the changing qualities of what is perceived and the unchanging qualities of what perceives becomes evident.” (Desikachar translation) This is not something I can do once a week, or once a week is a good beginning, but seeking into the serene purity of the seer, the personified awareness demands consistent effort. For me this means every year, every day, every hour, activity, every asana, every breath is a new opportunity to get more clarity, more awareness.

Iyengar defines the essence of true knowledge to me as the unfluctuating, sound judgement with uninterrupted awareness. To me unfluctuating is a key word, if I get a great idea, lets give it some days, if it still is great after some days (not just a fickle) let’s give it a try, stillness of keep on keeping on, to just do and just observe the change in positions towards the activity, the blessed, the inspired, the resistant, the victim, the victorious, the doer, the receiver and neutral (ash).

Sound is another key word, stable, firm, healthy, valid something that is given. Like working with a balance pose, my body does a muscular work to get the weight of the body into a harmony, but the harmony always seem to have been there before and I just arrive in something pre-existing.
Sound judgement becomes a judgement that is pre-existing and set free from the changing or ego based judgement. I really can’t think of an example right now – please write to me if it is obvious to you?! To my class this inspires to keep on seeking for freedom and exploring the position of neutrality and stillness. In my personal life this relates to my experiences of endings, the perishable or mortality of relations, situations and feelings. It inspires to seek the serene seer in me and explore what sound judgement looks like. A friend gave me the words “how do I honour the spiritual relation with this person/situation?” Right now it seems to be connected.

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