Monday, January 14, 2013

my body is my bow, the asana is my arrow

Happy new year a little share.. a celebration: Sutra 4.34 "When the highest purpose of life is achieved, the three basic qualities do not excite responses in the mind. That is freedom. In other words, the Perciever is no longer coloured by the mind" Desikachar translation. The last sutra tells us when the continuous change into a state of freedom will happen. It's when we have fulfilled the highest purpose, Iyengar tells us about how the highest purpose is the four aims in life; dharma -science of duty artha -purpose and means of life kama -enjoyments of life moksa -freedom from worldly pleasures Iyengar tells us that the four chapters of the yoga sutras, reflect these four aims that we need to fulfill. I am grateful to have a course to follow. This means I need to find out what is my duty in life, what gives me sense of purpose, what I enjoy and how to be free from the attachment to pleasures, in order to lead a full life. This holiday I get to see how I have a duty to my students, to show up and give the best class I can, to prepare and take care of my family and loved ones. I feel sense of purpose when I get to help a woman asking for special help, I feel purpose when I unite with a loved one, and everything is such a fit. I get to see what I enjoy, these days it's been about seeing the horizon vaporise into the white light at sea, to see the morning light growing, sitting still in the kitchen, to feel warm and protected with my loved one and to see how much love there really is in my life. To be free, well I feel freedom from the worldly greed in eating loads of bad food these days, I feel freedom from needing to buy more or have more stuff. Of course this is also where I feel most challenged, some of my pleasures are very much things I want to hold on to. But there is progress so I'm happy. Iyengar writes; "One must learn to use the body as a bow, and asana, pranayama and dhyana as arrows to be aimed at the target -the seer or the soul." Now, these are words I can understand and relate to. I've understod these words since I was a little kid. So it's not about for example; asana, asana is the tool with which I shot and aim for my inner seer, or my greater power, and my true being. But at the same time, asana is a special arrow, that only flies far if I give it my full attention as if there was no other target at all. Kaivalya, is what the last sutra is about; complete freedom. Desikachar writes; "serenity in action and inaction.. No obligation to take responsibility or reject it" I only know this in parts of my life, only bits and parts, but these places where there is.. well a form for surrender. There is a good source to check into this for me, I have a person writing very angry e-mails to me, and I get to experience an enormous peace in being free to answer or not answer to this communication. Here ends the last sutra. With the word "iti" meaning "that is all". A great gratitude fills my heart. When I say the Patanjali mantra, I mean it from the bone-marrow and from the core of my being! Gratitude to Patanjali. I have been writing and using these sutras for four years and seven months. Now I either start a new round :-) or.. I start on the bhagavadgita. I feel a bit unsure and surprised, I just got into the habit of this. Yogena cittasya padena vacam malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena yopakarottam pravaram muninam patanjalim pranajaliranato'smi abahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi dharinam sahasra sirasam svetam pranamami patanjalim. Hare om Namasté Jenni

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