Monday, January 14, 2013

Second last sutra - wow amazing! And landing on my birthday (15/12), cannot imagine something better to do today (listening to fabulous music in the background) - I am grateful!!! Iyengar translation of 4.32 "As the mutations of the gunas cease to function, time, the uninterrupted movement of moments, stops. This deconstruction of the flow of time is comperhensible only at this final stage of emancipation." Time is uninterrupted succession of moments. Moments are instant. "When moments slip away from ones awareness, one lives in movements." We are striving for becoming free from the ever-changing movements and live completely in the moment. Oh Yes I like this!! Very excited about this sutra. So I get that in yoga, as in life, I get to seek the moment, the space when time stops to exist. I had a very clear sense of this space one of the last times we had pranayama with my master, we worked on antara kumbaka, I think the full pranayama session must have been over two hours, but after I told everyone I might have to leave a bit earlier from the next train in order to catch the train. But then he asked when the train left, and I told him he said, "but Jenni, this is now!". I had lost full contact to movement of time, I felt like our pranayama session had been 20 minutes or something like this. This happens often with this master. Time just ceases to exist working with this man. Iyengar writes: " When change comes, it arrives at once in a moment" even though we work on something for very long time, it always arrive in a moment. This are the moments that I sometime get so amazed. Something that seemed impossible the moment before, suddenly happens. This is also something great to experience. Change or transformation always happen or exist in the moment. It is so seductive to believe it is a movement slow and progressive. Of course it is too, but my experience is close to this sutra. It is in the moment it just suddenly have happened. So for this week; working towards the moment. Letting go of past and future. Maybe I will enjoy some more pranayama this week. Probably a good idea, since I just want to sleep and eat these days.. Namasté Jenni

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