Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cultural theory

My courses this semester have started in the best possible way. After weeks with rain and grey weather, we met at the “sea” in the middle of Copenhagen, to take a walk by the water and look at modernism and post modernism or what have happened the last 40 (150) years in this part of the city. The sun came and it turned into a rather long walk. We were supposed to take a bus home, but we couldn’t find it so I walked and I got to really stretch my legs, I could feel my legs the day after, as heavy grounded roots. That’s a good feeling and I got to hear about my coming teachers ongoing research projects, which was interesting. I love to have engaged teachers, it makes everything more exciting. It correlates to my reality that my reading and working matters. And as I concluded before, unity is a nice, contented feeling.

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