Monday, September 03, 2007

eternity in my movements

In my daily praxis I feel the circular movements clearly.
I’ve been telling my students to ”turn the movement into a meditation of ex the hip”. When I do that my self, what I actually do is to let go into a flow, that always contains a circular pattern. Even the straightest “back and forward” movement have a circular movement often in the joint, the bone makes a beautiful circular pattern, for me to enjoy when I seem to move “back and forward” on the outside.
How lucky am I!? to have a work where I actually get to say: “create a sun around your heart”. Hmm I might just as well say “enjoy the sun around your heart, I’ll try that out next time.

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Camilla said...

Mmmmm love the expression "enjoy the sun around your heart" :) I think I should write it on my bathroom mirror, to look at every day ;)