Friday, March 20, 2009

Ease and peace 1.40

Desikachar translates the sutra to “When one reaches this state, nothing is beyond comprehension. The mind can follow and help in the understanding of the simple and the complex, the infinite and the infinitesimal, the perceptible and the imperceptible.”
For many weeks I’ve concluded to my classes, that serenity must be pretty darn important-one sutra after another telling me how to get there…
Sutra 1.40, tells me that things get better when I get in the yoga-state :-) I believe Patanjali is right!
How many times haven’t I thought “this is so messed up, it can never be good again” or something along that line, and when my disturbed mind have found peace, serenity everything is clear. So this week I’m in the clear, clean sight, working with garud asana and connecting all asanas to the unfolding of clarity and peace. To me there is clarity and peace, to enjoy in finding unity. For me, everything gets simpler when the key fit the lock :-) so exploring unity, (finding/using the right key) is the same quest for me. Ease and peace.
I’m keeping this post short this week, have been writing so much – love and gratitude for your time and attention.
Jenni Saunte

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