Friday, March 13, 2009

focal points calming the mind 1.39

Where have I recently just read something like; “if you focus on external objects all you find is that you need more and more and more to get satisfied, if you focus on inner being, you will find a depth that fulfils your every wish and need for more”.
Maybe in the 365 tao…
Well, this sutra:
Bouanchaud: “Choosing meditation according to one’s affinities also brings mental stability.”
Desikachar: "Any inquiry of interest can calm the mind."
...reminds me that focusing on one thing can calm my mind. I’ve really tested this one – it works, it really does. Having kids, studies and work, I often get disturbed trying to do the impossible act, multitasking- as way of life. Not healthy. This week I’ve tried to fix my whole semester and my whole essay at once – this drives me insane – and it’s so true, simple and beautiful. It feels insane, because it is! Cannot fix May in March. Simple. Cannot write the ending and the result and the middle and the start at once, it’s madness. Simple. So, thanks for the reminder, one focal point (at a time) can cool my heated mind. My affinities – I’m looking that one up, it means: “relationship by marriage, an attraction to or liking for something, an attractive force between substances” relation and relationship is mentioned. I love the dictionary-meditation. So my affinities are matters of relation, attraction and kind of a connecting force.
In my meditations, my affinity has been on sensing “being alive”, for some time. It’s so nice, just to feel life vibrating and awareness shaped into a form. I guess I’m building a relation with this affinity, to my experience of life. Reading this sutra makes me think of dristis, focal points, maybe I work them into my practice, and into my teaching. The focus has been exclusively on breath, attitudes and awareness for some time, maybe this is a push towards some new material… Maybe I’ll share some meditation experience, or maybe we lengthen the small meditation I’ve worked into every class.
Ok that’s it for now.
Namasté-bumpless minds to all of you :-)
Jenni Saunte


Anonymous said...

I'm with you .. trying to seriously overcome my addiction to multi-tasking. It sounds so good but I KNOW that I'd be more productive and get more done if I'd just concentrate on the task at hand. I guess we're all works in progress.

Jenni said...

yes and work in process :-) I read about the dristis, after committing in this post, I find it to be something I'm allready doing... Just forgot to call it dristi, haha expanding the litle meditation in midle of class, few minuits longer, felt like eternity to me (what are my investments and attachments here?)
thank you for connecting! love