Friday, March 27, 2009

Always keep a diamond in your mind.

So, this sutra tells me, why it’s so important to let go of disturbances and seek serenity.
When I look at the world, reality, through my transparent inner diamond, I most likely will see, and become true reality. Emotions, feelings, opinions, personality colours and disturbs my perception, and the possible unity. I love Bouanchauds words about this sutra. He asks me, how I distinguish between a mere quiet mind and contemplation. I don’t know. Maybe my only experience is that contemplation can include an object, while a quite mind can be unfocused as well, or have no special playground. But I long to hear your experience here :-)
I’ve been guided to share my reality (like; what I plan to do) with others, and leave the explanations and defences out of the discussion. My experience, with this practice is that my life gets easier, calmer and yes, more bright and transparent (honest). I also get to see, that a lot of mess between me and my loved ones had to do with discussing the explanations and the defences, there is a diamond hard edge to leaving all those matters behind, but it is a beautiful hardness.
How do I translate this into my yoga practice?
To meet every pose, with my inner diamond hard clarity… Let go of all the personal stories about what I cannot and doesn’t use to… To focus on being on my mat, and not about xxx (what to remember to tell someone, what to buy later and what the idiot accomplished earlier :) just be, breath, move, do and maybe experience the cleansing of mind and connection to my inner diamond clear mind.
So I’m thinking forehead, headstand, warrior poses and breathing. I don’t know why yet…

Sutra 1.41 Bouanchaud;
“As fluctuations subside, the contemplative mind becomes transparent like a gem, and reflects the object, whether it is that which perceives, the instrument of perception, or the object perceived.”
“When the mind is free from distraction, it is possible to be involved in the object of enquiry. As one remains in this state, gradually one becomes totally immersed in the object. The mind, then like a flawless diamond, reflects only the features of the object and nothing else.

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Jenni Saunte

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