Sunday, November 14, 2010

from scattered to whole

Sutra 3.11 “ The weakening of scattered attention and the rise of one-pointed attention in the citta (consciousness) is the transformation towards Samadhi” (Iyengar translation)
How do I relate to this?
I am more aware and present when my mind and my action and my body is at one place. There is a peace and a sensation of being whole in this.
What is my experience?
When attention is scattered I feel like eczema, a rash, I get more irritated and impatient and unsatisfied. In moments of one-pointed attention, a comfort comes along, because a discomfort would in essence be a scatter of attention.
How can this inspire my personal daily practice?
Well my daily practice often is the “thing” that gathers this loony mind of mine.
How can this inspire my teaching?
When students seem to wonder I can… challenge them so that they cannot ignore the present ;-) or I can keep my own focus – it usually rubs off. I can stop giving so many different instructions and try go for the simple..

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