Sunday, November 28, 2010

bringing the most authentic, genuine and true

Sutra 3.13 “Through these three phases, cultured consciousness is transformed from its potential state (dharma) towards further refinement (laksana) and the zenith of refinement (avastha). In this way, the transformation of elements, senses and mind takes place” (Iyengar translation)
So many things I need to check up on reading this…

As I understand, the three phases are; 1. the rising and falling of unbalanced thought 2. recognizing the alterations and hold steady a one-pointed attention 3. the maintenance of this uninterrupted flow and intensity of (one-pointed into no-pointed) attention.

And I need to check into dharma, laksana and avasta – again, to see how I can relate.
Iyengar describes it as a way to talk about the relation between the divine motionless self (purusa) and the ever changing, for us, human nature (prakrti). Dharma is somehow our essence or fundament, laksana are character markers or signs, and avasta is condition and state. I’m given the example of how I am a mother, a daughter, a employee and a friend.
This human jenni-being is my dharma, all the roles and situations I’m in, is modifications to me, part of my forming and avasta is the most authentic, truthful and genuine jenni-being in every situation and relation I encounter. Bringing the Jenni-contribution that only I can.
This reminds me of some words I’ve been given “I’m not me – nobody is” and “If two of us were alike than one of us would be superfluous” and “we are all part of the spirit, if one is missing spirit would be not perfect” well I’m changing the words a bit, mostly because I cannot remember…

To my teaching; It inspires me to go for the personal relation to every asana. To go for the balance in the balance-pose but also balance of mind in every asana. The possibility to take the position of observing the rise and fall of thought instead of being the thinker.
Jenni Saunte

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