Saturday, November 20, 2010

get back into the flow of uniterrupted attentivness

"When rising and falling thought processes are in balance, one-pointed consciousness emerges. Maintenance of awareness with keen intensity from one-pointed attention to no-pointed attentiveness is ekagrata parinama." Iyengar translation

Oh God, in these days the maintenance -or what I call (keep coming back, or fight-surrender-process) sometimes is all i get to experience... I'm grateful that Iyengar mentions how the mind suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, can get upset and in fight mode. I know!!! it's astonishing!! fine thing for me, is that it have happened so much that I don't even ask why any longer. And the good news is that it (often) takes shorter and shorter time to get back into center! Yoga is one good magic wand - to get into one-pointed attentiveness, kids is another. Pain is kind of a good one as well.

I think maybe... balance is onepointed attentiveness (brain-freeze) maybe not.
In yoga posture practice I relate most clearly to this in the stillness of the asana. Where I can see how different ideas a

I don't think this sutra inspires my daily practice, but more... describes it. In my daily practice there is a constant possibility to experience the transformation into uninterupted flow and intensity of attention.

So when we get disturbed (and we will) the only thing is to get back into the intesity of one-pointed attention and back into enjoying the flow!
easy ! ?
Jenni Saunte

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