Monday, October 08, 2012

detatchment and freedom

Sutra 4.24 "Though the fabric of consciousness is interwoven with innumerable desires and subconscious impressions, it exists for the seer on account of its proximity to the seer as well as to the objective world." (Iyengar translation) So, my consciousness is not only tied to all my likes and dislikes (to nature), because this I can see, my state of consciousness affects how I experience the world, and my experiences affects the state of my consciousness. But it is also tied to my inner seer (to spirit). When my consciousness is filled up with nature, it is filled up with longing for pleasures, the inner seer is not interested in dualities regarding pleasures. When we get to know our inner reality through practice of yoga, consciousness is transformed into serving the inner seer with detachment. How can I relate. Well right now it strikes me to be a guideline to search and experience detachment and freedom. This is very welcomed focus! In my own practice as showing up on the mat including whatever. Holding asanas and experience all feelings and impressions that comes along. But maybe also the opposite, to experience freedom from trying to practice with control and a stiff mind. Today I am tired, and today I did take a class. So I will leave it at this, and not pressure more out of this fine body. When I teach, this sutra guides me to do my best in the teaching situation, give it all away and then leave it and walk on, move and not carry what happened with me. Free hands, no luggage. It also inspires me to relate to having this consciousness interwoven with desires and resentments, and take it all in as part of practicing yoga, make it clear this is part of the path, we are not meant to be Buddha-calm when we start, just like we don't have to be flexible to practice yoga. This is as good as it gets today. Namasté Jenni

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