Monday, June 11, 2007

An experience and playfulness

Yes, Camilla prodded me to tell about my project. I proudly delivered a 187 pages long essay about experiences. Or more exactly, how to create a room that contains possibilities, for the visitor, to get an experience. You can read it here! If you saw my face, you would laugh,, I just have this grin! Like a cat who caught the rat… This project has given me a contented feeling. I have been a little girl playing with ideas and my group have been amazing, our last meeting, we wore crazy hats and a wig. I’ve also enjoyed my ability to structure my work, so that my parts are done, way before deadline, and this in a group that have another feeling of time. I found time to do my yoga work and being with my kids and not losing sight of my greater power all that much. So I give myself an A. And more, I consider my own grading as my reality. How I love reality, and owning, being and loving what already is! Two semesters ago, I had the blues after my exams for five days, last semester I had something like three days of blues. This semester I’ve had,,, NONE! I’ve been tired and I slept. I haven’t had energy to plan exciting things, so I haven’t planned anything. After a week I reread my essay, and I still liked it! I see this whole grade-thing as a game we play. There is so much love in playing. When I can find my playfulness and bring it into my work (all three works) I’m a more loving and living fellow human being. I’m so grateful that I chose this subject for my essay, where I could use my yoga philosophy as a guideline. I could actually use my body experiences to understand theoreticians writing at a high abstract/intellectual level. I also could chose to listen to my body experience and by opening my mind see the theoreticians that could explain and thereby be used to support my own inner knowledge. Beautiful

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