Friday, May 15, 2009

truth and connection, see and share

Another promise, “Then, what one sees and shares with others is free from error.”(1.48 Desikachar)
In the yoga state there is connection to a truth of recognition of true inner being and a diamond clear experience of outer reality, this connection has the nature of unification.
I can trust that, what I see and share is free from errors of separation and isolation (we are not one) and free from the identifications with “I am my thoughts and feelings”.
In yoga, I know this is the when my thought stops and my mind is blank, I am just a breath, the asana is not long or short, the breath is breathing me, the movement is leading (serving) me. There is no judgement, so there is no error to be seen or shared. There is no past or future to give a colour to the now and there is not another place or person to compare the “here” to :-) this is the promise of right here and now, the “atha” in the sutras. I am grateful to have a source, an experience base of this in my yoga practice. Last weeks sutra was about know me – and my inner being, my inner truth. Well working this sutra in the classes made it clear to me, that one way that promise looks in my life is that yoga gives me knowledge about me in the bodyconscious kind of way, in knowing my strength, me limberness (flexibility) and my relaxing skills. It teaches me about my character and how perseverance and surrender looks like “the jenni way”. I am grateful to get to know me – I like the company :-) Love and serenity
Jenni Saunte

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