Friday, May 08, 2009

la verità

Sutra 1.47 says “Then the individual begins to truly know himself” (after directing mind towards an object). Or as Bouanchaud translates it; “…inner being appears in all clarity and serenity.”
To me these are promesis. This is what I can attain, and to me it is the same as in sutra 1.43, a connection to the truth. La verita. (Yes, I’m going to Italy and something is awakening :-)

There is more to know about self than what the I evaluate, I mean, I think, I understand and I am more than the opinions and judgements I have. Yoga tells me there is a truth to be found. Inside me.
So this is something for my practice, to look at how yoga has given me a more true sense of me. How do I get to know myself by working the asanas, focusing, by breathing?
How do I experience truth within right here and now?
Right now, I’m too tired to find out what I will do in classes, I figure that out tomorrow…
Love and peace
Jenni Saunte

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