Friday, May 01, 2009

a deepening sensation 1.46

I read your post on sutra 1.45 Kate, and you inspired me to look ahead, and yeah, I see what you mean… Second chapter just around the corner… And these last sutras, seem to be “the promises” of yoga, for a perseverant practice. (if that’s something you can say?)
Desikachar: “1.46 All these processes of directing the mind involve an object of enquiry.”
I just take this sutra as an instruction: “Jenni, give your students an object”.
So Saturday is big breathing day ;-) Sunday is ease and peace, Monday is spine and center day.
For me – good objects of enquiry!
One of my favourite philosophers is called Kitaro Nishida he wrote a book called “An inquiry to the good” I just love that. Good object, good as object :-)
Desikachar also puts my practice in words, he says: “They also involve preparation, gradual progression and sustained interest” This is what I often say about the asanas, they are not only a pose, how you get there, the work there and how to come out of the poses…
This way of working the asana have given me a deepening sensation of my practice.
Peace and love
Snoring jenni saunte

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