Saturday, December 04, 2010

essence and forms

3.14 "A substance contains all its characteristics, and depending on the particular form it takes, those characteristics conforming to that form will be apparent. But whatever the form, whatever the characteristics. Some have appeared in the past, some are currently apparent and others may reveal themselves in the future"
(Desikachar) and he writes that the sutras tells us that; "everything we perceive is fact not fiction. But these facts are subject to change."
It took me such long time to see that if I'm sad today this might not be the case tomorrow, if I'm sick today this might not be my condition tomorrow. Being sad or sick are true experiences but they are changing states or conditions and maybe not the best basis for choice... For most my life I based my choices on trying to become more safe, happy and healthy - these are good motives. But if the facts I interpret as stable reliable static facts are in essence changing I will get screwed in my search for joy and health. Actually I don't have a clue.

Having a daily practice gives me a new relationship to changing facts like "feel like doing the practice" or "getting something out of my practice" and "doing it tomorrow"... I know I don't have the longest practice but I'm given something steady through meeting up on my mat (and these 90 days on my chair), perspective. This perspective shows me that my "kick of doing it" might not always be there, if I always should feel like doing it, I would have stopped years ago, and never gained a steady practice. And if I didn't get a steady practice I would never have seen how many things change. And I'm given a miraculous "trust the process" and patience that has nothing to do with me and what I recognized as my characteristics.

I'm given the following parables, for example is the substance the same in dust, clay and the formed vase. I guess that the substance is the same in water, ice and steam... So do we have something significant, something essential that is us through childhood, youth and old age.

I relates this to my asana work, something I might have been able to do in my childhood or youth and something I might be able to enjoy and do in my old age. And than there is the form I unfold today. Deep in the center is the essence or substance that don't change into forms, or is the same in all these forms.

Desikachar have written a longer translation than Iyengar, but with my language difficulties it was more understandable. When I read the surrounding commentary I read the same message to me. So it's easy :-)

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