Sunday, November 18, 2012

4.28 to remove past impressions

and a salutation from november 13th... sutra 4.28 Iyengar translation: "In the same way as the sadaka strives to be free from afflictions, the yogi must handle these latent impressions judiciously to extinguish them." Iyengar makes us aware of that; when there is a gap between us and the experience of unity (between the consciousness and the seer), disharmony and disturbance can arise from past impressions. Therefor it is utmost important that we remove these past impressions. Iyengar uses the word to "extinguish them". All this to be in harmony with our inner seer. Iyengar tells us that it is through practice we remove the power from these past disturbances. When I go to practice my master tells me it is through monitor, measure and manage that I get a clear practice. Well in the asana of life this turns into: awareness, acceptance and action. So, when I get aware of an old idea that have popped up, like I suddenly get afraid that I won't succeed, When I am aware of this, I need to stay with this past idea, I need to connect to my awareness and accept that I have this old idea inside of me. In this process of awareness and acceptance, it is my experience that action grows, suddenly I know what to do and the action won't be blind fixing of discomfort, but clear experience-based action. Nice. But just like Patanjali and Iyengar tells us, it is my experience that it is very important to do it right away, not wait, not give it time to grow and create bigger disturbance. Then again, if I let it grow (as if it always is my conscious choice..) well then things turns fine in a slightly different way. What I try to write is that I don't feel like Patanjali is telling me to live a rigid life of perfidy and control issues. In yoga posture practice it reminds me about how, old ideas have been in the way for years or weeks for me. An example, that is easy to talk about, is that I for two years translated the english word "arch" of the foot, into the danish word for the "outer edge of the foot". For weeks and weeks in perfect teaching situations I got the wrong instruction because of an old idea that was very insistent.. Desikachar translates the sutra: "One must never accommodate even small errors because they are as detrimental as the five obstacles." Again I'm supported in taking this seriously and act upon this immediately. Desikachar suggest us to seek help form a teacher who can see us through. This is my experience too, it is essential to move with a guide who has done the walk himself/herself. My mind is tricky and can play games with me. When I have a teacher, a guide I trust and who has my spiritual consent to adjust and respond to me. Then I get a perspective from outside me, and suddenly I get a new dimension. (like all the 3D movies these days are contingent on our two eyes having a distance between them :-) ) It can also be one or several persons I live with, people I love and appreciate and interact with brings me the possibility of a new dimension and I am very grateful to have both these persons and also my loving guide and master with me on this journey. Inspiration for practice, to remove past impressions that cause disturbance is a Main priority. To use the three "M's" or "A's" to seek awareness, acceptance and find the appropriate action, both as a student, as a teacher and in life. This is it for now. Namasté Jenni Saunte

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