Sunday, November 18, 2012

Being free we gravitate towards our inner seer.

From 22nd of October - sorry I forgot to post! Sutra 4.26 Desikachar translation: a person with extraordinary clarity, "their clarity takes them to their only concern - to reach and remain in a state of freedom." So, I can use this sutra as a checking point. The question: "am I in clarity?" could be asked like this: "am I moving and focused to reach and remain in a state of freedom?". Every time I feel free, I get an urge to always be free like this. It is the most precious experience I know. I guess I feel close to everyone when I am free. It is surely interesting, how close freedom can bring us, and how isolated dependence, control or bondage can make us. The saying "holding on to love is like holding on to water, you need to keep an open hand" kind of goes for freedom as well. This sutra inspires me to explore all asana and pranayama that brings me to this clear state, some does it more than others, for me. It inspires me to search for this sensation of being free in all I do, even work, in such a busy week like this one. Even in relations where I might feel not worthy, or not good enough.. Well, these are very limiting feelings, this sutra engages me in a search for freedom and clarity also here. I like that Iyengar brings attention to the word "gravitation" in this sutra. It is very useful for me, it is a concrete sensation I can relate to, in every movement I do. I love that "gravitation" describes how we in clarity moves towards our center, our inner seer. Being free we gravitate towards our inner seer. Amazing! When I took sutra-philosophy classes, the teacher told us about dreams. One thing I remember, that relates to this sutra, is; the more content, centered and free we are, the more important will our dreams be. The more distressed, upset and out of balance we are, the less attention do we need to give our dreams. In the light of this sutra, this could go for everything in life, when centered and balanced, all I unfold, all my thoughts and actions will be expressions of my inner most self. When upset and out of balance, what I unfold is just not that important, it is a detour, but a state that needs compassion and contribution. In asana, when out of balance, I need to do whatever to get stable again. Well when in life, out of balance, serenity first. Busy week, but serenity first. Namasté

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