Monday, November 19, 2012

like a rainfall of pure clarity

"The yogi who has no interest even in the highest state of evolution, and maintains supreme attentive, discriminative awareness, attains dharma meghah samadhi: he contemplates the fragrance of virtue and justice." Iyengar translation of sutra 4.29. He writes: "consciousness is washed clean of bias, prejudice and ambition, the light of the soul dawns. This is.. the fruit of the practice of yoga." I know I should be sharing some experience with this. But today my most clear experience is to the opposition of this. I observe how bias, prejudice and ambition, fear and anger (selfishness) sweeps across my thoughts and mind this day. A lot of I want I want and I don't want, I resist, I reject.. So I get to trust, I trust Patanjalis words that this state of clarity will be given to me when I follow "the recipe" of yoga-practice. However, I do have some experience to share regarding what Iyengar writes happens after this cleansing experience. Because I have had moments of clear vision, moments of pure being. "His only ambition now is to sustain spiritual health. He has purity and clarity. His personality has been transformed. He becomes humane, universal and divine." So, first I put in a lot of "she" instead all the "he", so I more easily can relate. I find that when the only thing I try to get is spiritual health, everything else is given to me. I do have experiences of my whole personality being changed, and I have seen this in many others several times. I do find that in my path, god is in the pots and the pans, the spiritual experience can come from something very, very human, like cutting cucumber, failing repeatedly, or having no power left what so ever, and being exhausted. I experience this autumn has been one long change of perspective, proportions and personality, for me and my closest. Things that was the most important in my life, where I only could see one true right way, I suddenly feel soft and open to there might be several possible ways and paths. I appreciate the metaphor of rain in Desikachar's translation: "There arises a state of mind full of clarity concerning all things at all times. It is like a rainfall of pure clarity." I know, how the world can be all clear and sharp after a light summer rain. In the same way this looks to me, it feels to have a really good practice, like being the world a warm summer day and then the rain comes; moist and soft, light rain. Namasté Jenni Saunte

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