Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'm reading a book by Qvortrup (better learn to spell that name:) about how we as actors on internet both wants and fears the transparency that we gain. I think that considers me wanting to blog on different blogs about different things. It is also a social thing for me, something about having different roles in different communities. My fellow students should not know my spiritual nature and other interests and my co-workers or spiritual acquaintances couldn’t possibly be interested in other sides of me. I’m taking decisions on their behalf, and they cannot even object, since nobody can se, that I only show the side of me, I doom them to be interested in. And again, why I’m writing, and to whom, I still don’t know. I know I enjoy reading some of your blogs a lot! I will soon make a bloglist on the side, but for now, I want to give some of what I get. Thank you for writing in a language, which I can relate to and I recognize as honest!
(Oh, oh,,, I’m so easily affected by what I read (theory of communication, for the time being))


madmax said...

blogging is for making thoughts clear and for enjoying them later, when things in your life change

Jenni said...

So you use blogging as an instrument of selfrealisation? interesting. Thanks for the hope in your statment about change. Good on you!- that you can look at your previous thoughts and enjoy them instead of rejecting what you changed from. For me that's annother way of having unity in life.