Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The start of a new semester can first happen when I’ve let go of the last. I went north, got some snow and skiing done, fixed my acute need to get out of this big city and my even more urgent need to be embraced by a completely snow covered world. It was great, even though my youngest threw up and coughed every night, so we were tired, it was still great! Even for her! She tells proudly, to every one, that she threw up at grandmas :)
Now a tension of some excitement rises in my lower back, it’s my inner “Peter pedal” I think he’s called “curious George” in English. I know this is a sign of readiness to the next semester; bring it on!!!
hmm probably have to rename this blog, it’s not centred around yoga (even though I think so;) it’s all jenni.

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Camilla said...

And that's a perfect title for your blog, if you choose to change it: It's all Jenni. ;)

I think it's amazing the way we sometimes think and write of the same things. All day, I've wanted to write a post about the excitement and insane happiness I feel when a new semester starts ... I'll go do it now, inspired by your Curious George-feelings :)