Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yoga; my work and my assignment.

Classes have been affected by the day and the people I meet. I got a craving for developing my “yoga nidra” teaching skills, so that was a theme and I had a student that have flexibility when bending forward in a yoga mudra but is stiff as a rock in pachimottan asana, so that was my next exploration. It was a long time since I dedicated a class to rotations, so there we go,,, Tomorrow it will be reversed positions in focus, perhaps with a little partnering.
I wanted my yoga practice to support the changes that happens in my life, but I realized I needed help, so I asked a wise yoga teacher to help me and she gave me an assignment. I’m going to find out which asanas that I resist. I like!!! An assignment that puts focus on my starting point. The first position that comes to mind is plank position :) my arms are weak so I dislike the positions that confront me with that.
Going through my books (systematically – as a good librarian) I find there really isn’t any pose I dislike! I love my work; I love it in every aspect I know, so far. Sure there are positions that I cannot do, but so what? It’s not a circus.
But my experience tells me to give it time, time makes assignments grow, if what I already found is true, time don’t hurt.

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