Sunday, February 11, 2007


Yes, this thing,, with roles can be a trap for me. Sometimes when I get sick of having kids I have realized lately, that what I’m sick of-is not my beloved ones- but this strictly defined “mom-role” (my own definition) that I put myself into and than I suddenly don’t feel like I can move, breathe or be me in.
Guess I will try to be more “jenni in a family” with my kids, instead of “jenni that tries to be mom”. Everything is easier when I get my own powerful permission to be me, not living up to any roles but just be me. In my head Van Morrison sings; “It ain't why, why, why
It just is.” I’m thankful for that. It just is, and I’m just me :)


madmax said...

I tried to be myself with persons I'm usually shy, it just works! If I look directly into somebody's eyes and act like being me, no shy at all, I have the powha! :D

Jenni said...

Fake it until you make it, huh? Good to hear some positive experiences!